We typically fly only within about 2 hours of sunrise and about 2 before sunset. This is for two reasons. First, the winds are the calmest and there are minimal thermals during these times. Second, we need light to be able see where it is safe to fly and land.

We do not have any age or height requirements. However, all passengers must be able to stand and hold on under their own power. Additionally, we cannot allow children to be lifted up to see out of the basket.

No. As long as you can get in the basket with minimal assistance and can stand for the duration of the flight then you are welcome to come fly with us. Women who are pregnant should consult with their physician before participating. We do require a waiver for all passengers.

Click here to view our waiver.

No! We will fly all year round. However, most people do not like the cold as much, so we don't get to fly much in the winter. Also, the winds are a bit stronger in the winter, which can limit the amount of flying we can do.

Yes. First, we need lights winds. The winds typically have to be under 10 mph. This is primarily because anything faster and it can make for unsafe landings. The ground also has to be fairly dry. Muddy conditions can make it difficult to setup and retrieve the balloon. It can also damage the balloon if the balloon gets wet.

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